Characteristics of the work

JBOT performs its functions in a remarkably intelligent way. As it instantly and accurately scans the working space, it precisely moves between rooms. Due to the real-time terrain recognition technology, it decides the most effective route and the most suitable cleaning method. Also, It allows users to check the real-time cleaning performance of JBOT regardless of location with the application (available to Android and IOS)

Excellent for animal owners

Thanks to its high suction power and the main brush, it is possible to clean animals' hairs and sand in the house.

Brush work system

Main Brush and side brush- MTG JBOT is equipped with a modern main brush and two side brushes. Side brushes allow the device to delicately remove dust and impurities by pulling them into the device. Also, side brushes are scientifically designed to prevent hairs from getting tangled. The main brush, consists of durable rubber blades and thick bristles, efficiently remove not only sand and animal hairs but also hairs, pollen, and bags of dust from floor.